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Curly on You Say You Want A Relegation
Nice action shot of the grumpy Scot.

oncho on You Say You Want A Relegation
Buena foto de un gran tenista que hasta hace dos dias era numero 2 ATP,¿ buen sitio o buen zoom?

Curly on Deutschland
Magnificent. Is this a black and white HDR?

Naigoran on Deutschland
Amazing !

MMC Photos on Liver Birds
Wow, such a great angle and the lighting is perfect.

Mags on You're Gonna Lose That Curl
This is a very funny tradition :)

Claudia on You're Gonna Lose That Curl
Yes, yes, you're gonna lose that're gonna loooooo--ooo--ooo---ooose that curl! :) What a fun ...

Eric The Fish on It's Good News Week
Alternative HDR @

Kurt on Black and white Meanie
Nice capture--love the high contrast

Kurt on Krakow Cycle Race
Great perspective and burst of color

Joe on Krakow Cycle Race
Very nice.

Eric The Fish on Blue Monday
Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment.

DarkElf on Blue Monday
wow! that's quite intense colour there! i like the band of orange in the middle part as well - very interesting ...

B. Thomas on Blue Monday
Now that is really blue. Nice.

Susan on Blue Monday
Nice shot.....was it really that shade of blue?????

Vinman on Blue Monday
Very nice; was this taken at dawn?

Vinman on Lest We Forget
I remember the scenes on TV; this and the fire at Bradford were terrible to watch.

Vinman on St Luke's Fly Past
Nice processing, love the seagull.

Vinman on Adelphi
Wonderfully three-dimensional effect. It's a fantastic hotel, must be 20 years since I stayed there while working ...

Moridi on Blue Monday
Beautiful. Good color and frame. Thank you.

Eric The Fish on Liverpool Panorama
Thank you. Merci. It is HDR from a single RAW in Photomatix.

Jan on Liverpool Panorama

Vert Pomme on Liverpool Panorama
Joli lumière et belles couleurs. La renaissance d'une ville à découvrir. Ca donne envie ta ...

Jhani on Liverpool Panorama
lovelyshot.. is it HDR

Hiro on St Luke's Fly Past
Deep blue, shapes of clouds... I feel something eerie. Nice work!

Hiro on Chinatown, Liverpool
You dit it! The color is beyond my imagination.

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